Happier bedtimes. Healthier little ones.

“No more bedtime battles. No more tears. No more dreading nap times.”

Sweet Dreams by The Sleep Nanny®:



A Simple, Science Backed, Parent-Approved

6 Step Process


Help Your Little One Develop Solid Sleep Skills  

So You Can Reclaim YOUR Sleep, Peace-of-Mind and Happy Family Life

My little monkey went from waking every hour or 2 and still wanting to feed throughout the night….to a full-fledged seven til seven sleeper. In just TWO weeks! - Nicholson family

Dreaming of bedtimes that don’t involve tears, tantrums, and total meltdowns? 

(And not just from little ones!) 

Transforming bedtimes and naptimes into predictable, easy routines isn’t about letting your little one “cry it out” or about rocking/walking/driving your baby for miles. 


It is about using the trifecta of science, psychology, and gentle responsiveness to give your little ones the gift of restorative, deep sleep. And reclaim your bedtime too!  


In this 3-part, easy-to-watch video series (captions included so you can watch without the volume!)  you’ll discover: 

  • Why ignoring your baby isn’t “sleep training” and what IS a healthier, better, easier approach. 

  • The 3 biggest mistakes to watch out for when helping your little one develop solid sleep skills. (You’re probably already making one of these!)

  • How to use a simple parent-friendly 6-step process to help your baby sleep through the night. 

Discover how to help your little one settle down and sleep soundly without constant wakings and controlled crying!

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Meet The Sleep Nanny®

Hi! I’m Lucy Shrimpton, founder of The Sleep Nanny ® and creator of Dream Maker. 


I’m also a mum to two and know first-hand the experience of being sleep-deprived. 


As a sought-after sleep coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of parents across the world to help them become their baby’s best sleep expert. 


I believe our little ones are unique. And they need a tailored approach to developing their sleep skills. 


Now I can’t wait to share my effective, tested, and totally customizable process with you in this FREE video series.

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Does the thought of a full night’s sleep feel like a distant dream?

This FREE 3-part video series is for you if:

  • You are chronically sleep-deprived and seriously stressed because your little one is either waking too early or struggling to sleep

  • You dread bedtimes and naptimes because you know they’re a beastly battle of wills and leave you feeling exhausted, guilty, and oh-so-tired.

  • You’ve tried “sleep training” only to feel that it’s too rigid, too one-size-fits-all, and too much for your little one (and you!)

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Ready To Say "No More Nighttime Battles"?

Staying sleep-deprived isn’t helping your little one or you. Chances are it’s already taking a toll on your happiness, your little one’s health, your family relationships, and overall peace of mind. 


This short but effective video series will give you clarity on the missing pieces in your little one’s sleep routine. And no, waiting to sort itself out isn’t going to help. 


In just a few minutes… You’ll know exactly which mistakes to avoid and what steps to take that are perfect for your little one. 


Let me help you so you can help your little one sleep well, stay healthy, be happy.

100%FREE. No Credit Card Needed. Instant Access

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