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"I got the individual solution that was right for my child and for me"

Niamh Collings

Mum of two

"I was really surprised at how quickly we got him sleeping through"

Karen Lander

Mum to Finley

"Fantastic, amazing- life changing. My little girl of 13 months was a terrible sleeper, waking several times a night. She co-slept most nights as it was easier than getting up several times a night. She would also not go down at night unless she fell asleep on me. I had tried lots of different techniques but never had the confidence to know exactly what was right for her. I did not want to let her cry out but was at a loss to know what to do. Lucy gave me all the tools and the confidence to put together a plan that was perfect for her. Lucy is incredibly knowledgeable and very supportive. At the end of the program my little girl was going to bed without a fuss and was sleeping the whole night through, without the need to having to resort to her crying it out."

Ceri Stafford

Mum to Myah

"Finding Lucy was an absolute god send! Our 2 year old daughter would not sleep in her own bed for nearly a year and would wake throughout the night constantly. We basically had no sleep of any quality or length for such a long period of time. However, doing Lucy’s programme of suggestions tailor made for our family really helped. It became much easier than I ever thought possible to get our little one back to sleeping in her bed without fuss. I wished that we had found Lucy a long time ago, but so happy now things are sorted, I feel we can get our life back and have evenings as well as good quality sleep through the night that is no longer disturbed. Our daughter is happier, more rested and life is good! "

Karen Wells

Mum to Lula

"I doubted anyone or anything would make a difference for us"

Kukua Darko S 

Mum of two

"If I'd known how life changing it would be, I'd willingly have paid a LOT more!"

Amanda Johnson 

Mum to Beatrice

"Cannot recommend Lucy enough! Her advice and guidance was amazing and my little monkey went from waking every hour or 2 and still wanting feeding throughout the night….to a fully fledged seven til seven sleeper!!!! It was a pleasure to work with you and I can honestly say your help changed our daily lives! Our little man was nearly 6 months old and it was the perfect time to teach routine. Just wish I’d done it earlier with my older child!! Thanks so much again!! Happy customer!!."

Lisa Nicholson

Mum to Jake

"I worried about the cost but our lives were on hold through sleep deprivation and it was the best money I have ever spent, we now have our lives back! And not only that, we have achieved the previously thought impossible- up to three hours of cot naps a day, so I have time to myself in the day and a very happy baby.

By the end of the first week my baby had learned to go to sleep on his own in his cot and by the end of the second week night wakings were reduced. He has since slept through the night three times and this is a huge improvement for us.

Lucy is very approachable and was sympathetic and supportive of my gentle parenting methods and breast feeding and at no stage did I feel anything we implemented was too difficult for my little boy to accept. I would recommend to anyone in my position."

Kate & Graeme Clemens

Parents of Max

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