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Key Details - Dream Maker Sleep Tight and Sweet Sleep Solutions

Key Details - Sleep Nanny Academy

Key Details

Sleep Nanny Academy™


Sleep Nanny Academy™ provides training in behavioural sleep insomnias relevant to 0-6 year olds as well as business training tailored to the sleep consulting industry. Behavioural sleep insomnia is the term given to any sleep related challenges that are non-medical and can be resolved with a ‘behavioural intervention’


Enrolment is by application for a clarity call


On the Clarity call we decide if it is a good fit and at what training level or ‘package’


All levels of the program require the use of a computer with camera/mic, the internet and a Facebook profile.


Purchases of training are non refundable after 14 days or once started (login to the portal has been made).


The curriculum taught in our academy is provided to the student solely as education and information.


Upon full participation and completion of a Sleep Nanny Academy™ sleep training program, graduates will have a comprehensive understanding of baby and child sleep.


Completing any of our programs is not a guarantee of any income. Any participant wishing to use their knowledge for business purposes must do so on their own terms.


This is a training program, not a business opportunity. Participants who complete our training may use their learnings for their own business with no affiliation/employment or franchise arrangement with/to The Sleep Nanny® or Dreamwork Consulting Ltd.

We do not guarantee any financial gain. The individual is solely responsible for any income derived from the knowledge gained from the training we provide.


Whilst our trainings are delivered over a number of modules, participants may take longer if they wish. There is no deadline for completion.


Graduates can use the ‘certification’ logo without further payment or renewal fee. The license terms of using this IP are provided in the Purchase Appendix.


Our academy provides different levels of training in sleep consulting as follows: