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The Baby Sleep Solution You've Been Dreaming Of...

At Last You Can Find Out The Best Way To Get YOUR Little One Sleeping Through The Night So That You Can Too!

You're Looking For A Solution Because:

  • 1

    You're exhausted, worried or at your wits end!

    You need sleep in order to function properly. Perhaps you've felt your mood deteriorate or you've not got the patience with people and that's affecting your relationships. In oder to be a great mum (dad or care-giver), you have to be in a fit state to take care of others. It's just like the aircraft analogy...'Please fit your own mask before helping others' 

  • 2

    Your little one is suffering (even if you can't see it)

    Babies and young children depend upon healthy sleep for their cognitive development and health. Even though some little ones will appear to cope just fine with their lack of sleep, the damage can actually be hidden and long-term. Some research suggests that poor sleep is tied to poor cognitive performance in young children. 

  • 3

    You're unfulfilled, feeling blue or even depressed

    Spending all day every day stressing over your little one's sleep or going to work for long hours only to spend the little time you get together in a battle around sleep... That's no way to live. Parenthood could be fulfilling and enjoyable. Going to bed early to catch some ZZZs at the cost of any kind of grown up time or wind down and starting the day dreading what it is ahead... It's time to stop just 'surviving' and start living!

  • 4

    You've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works!

    You've read a lot of books, spent hours Googling tried what your friends did but nothing works for you and you think your little one is just different to most... Good news, that's not true! You just haven't found the right solution yet. With our proven system and diagnostic analysis, we help you to get on the right path for your little one and stay on that path.

What You Need

A simple, proven system that works!

You're already confused by all the well-meaning but conflicting things you have seen, read or heard and if you keep 'trying' a bunch of different things, you'll confuse your little one even more!

We've packaged together a program that works for the individual to give you the expertise you need and get your little one sleeping through the night.

  • Tailored Solution

    No more confusion as you discover the right way to help your little one get the best sleep

  • Lifetime Access

    You'll never feel stuck again! You'll have lifetime access so you can revisit the program anytime you need a refresher

  • Feel Confident

    When you know what to do, how to do it and why it's important, you'll feel the confidence to take complete control

  • Expert Support

    Your questions are answered as you progress through the program so you'll have expert guidance all the way

You'll Feel Confident With The Answers At Your Fingertips!

Neatly packed in our program portal you will find everything broken down for you so that you can

access what you need when you need it. This is accompanied with expert guidance & support at the level you need to achieve your goals with your little one.

Sleep Diagnostics

Use our unique toolkit to discover what needs to be done and how to approach it for your child's unique personality and character

Sleep Training

Find out what it really is and how to responsively and lovingly help your little one develop an essential skill that s/he is 'crying out' for

Overcome Challenges

Sleep associations, dummies, reflux, being able to put your baby down - We will overcome these obstacles so you can settle your baby to sleep .

Night Weaning

If the time is right (and you'll know how to tell), discover a gentle way to move beyond night feeding and experience longer sleep stretches

Nap Training

Naps are key to good nights. We will make sure your little one is getting enough daytime sleep and at the right intervals

Staying On Track

Your results are our priority but these need to be lasting, not just a temporary fix. We'll teach you how to stay on track for the long-term

About The Expert

My vision to end unnecessary sleep deprivation and its detrimental effects on families with young children starts by providing clarity and a means for every parent to access the right solution for their unique little one.


Every family deserves to live in great health and happiness. Having a baby who is not sleeping as well as s/he could be, can cause immense damage and that just does not have to happen. I've got the answers for you x

Lucy Shrimpton


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No Worries... We have you covered!

Whether you're rocking, feeding or cuddling your baby to sleep, breastfeeding, dealing with reflux, colic and can't leave your baby to cry...We have you covered. None of these things need to stand in your way from helping your baby develop the essential skill for sleeping through the night.

Can't Handle Crying?

You do not need to leave your baby to cry in order to sleep through the night. We will show a kind and responsive strategy


Whether you want to keep breastfeeding or move on, your baby can still sleep through the night and you'll learn how


Finding it hard to put your baby down due to digestive discomfort... We will help you overcome this for a good night's sleep

Who is effected by the disturbed nights?

Does your spouse/partner support your needs?

Who’s the one up at night with the baby?

You’re on maternity leave and your husband is working so you take  the hit and suffer the sleep deprivation.

Does your partner/spouse know how much it’s affecting you and your little one?

Is he motivated to improve things for you even if it all feels okay to him?

It's likely to be a joint decision to invest in helping your baby sleep through the night and develop essential and long-lasting skills for healthy sleep.

Do you and your partner/spouse agree on this?

Investing in your family's happiness

Can't afford it?

Can you really afford not to help your little one sleep?


If you don’t take action to get your little one sleeping through the night, then it could mean…

  • Your child having poor cognitive performance later on
  • You and your child getting sick more often
  • Your baby being fractious and clingy and not socialising
  • Feeling more stressed and depressed
  • Your marriage deteriorating
  • Risking yours and your child’s safety on the road
  • Your income dropping if you’re not able to work
  • You let this precious time go by without enjoying it to the full

How important is it to you that your little one sleeps healthily and happily through the night?

  • Is it worth the cost of a month's worth of fuel?
  • Is it worth the price of a few date nights?
  • Is it worth the same as a car service and new brakes?

The benefits of getting your little one sleeping are not only life changing but life saving!

Is there anything more important than your family’s well-being and happiness?


So how important is it?

When you service your car and need some repairs, you might not be happy about it but you find a way and make it happen.

Is getting your little one to sleep essential to your family?


Which Parent Are You?

Are you going to keep worrying and doing nothing or trying various things your read and keep confusing your child?


Or are you going to do what these people did, take action and give your baby the best start in every possible way?


Dale Family

Ralph 7 months

No More Co-Sleeping

Within 10 days Ralph’s sleeping was so much better. He now goes down at 7:00pm soothing himself to sleep and sleeping through until 6:00am. We feel confident that we now have the necessary skills to ensure he continues to sleep well and we know what to do if he had a bad night.

Nicholson Family

Jake 5 months

In Just 2 Weeks!

My little monkey went from waking every hour or 2 and still wanting feeding throughout the night….to a fully fledged seven til seven sleeper!!!!

Hughes Family

Henry 7 months

Life Changing Transformation

I was at the end of my tether and exhausted… Now Henry settles himself and is sleeping through the night in his own cot! No more rocking/bouncing/feeding him to sleep every hour…no more ninja like moves required to get out of his room undetected… no more night feeds… He is much happier during the day and he is much better at napping too.

Is This Program Right for You?

You need your sleep and so does your little one. Our system works...Simply!


  • Little ones from birth to 7 years

  • You need a safe sleep space for your little one

  • Be ready to wean night feeds if appropriate

  • You're committed to getting the sleep you need

  • You don't want to leave your baby to cry to sleep

  • You trust the expertise and the process


  • Anyone wanting free advice

  • Those with a medical sleep problem

  • Co-sleepers who want to keep doing that

  • Someone wanting it 'done for them' 

  • A devils advocate who questions the process

  • If you're quite happy with your little one's sleep


Teaching a baby how to settle to sleep and sleep through the night is a learned skill and it does not require leaving them to cry it out. We believe in teaching parents how to achieve long lasting results for their little ones. Just as you guide and support your baby with learning to walk, potty training and one day learning how to ride a bike...none of these things come without actively showing your little one the way. The more they practice and develop their skills the less you have to do for them. being able to sleep independently is one of the very first things your little one can learn how to do.

The Gift Of Sleep !

Why Now? These problems don't just go away on their own, they get worse and harder to resolve.

There will never be a better time to start than now!

You'll Become The Expert

You're getting the knowledge to keep your family's sleep on track and the expert guidance to train you to be your little one's sleep expert for the long term. With our training portal and choice of support programs, you can guarantee success if you're ready to do the work!


Henley aged 10 months

“Lucy has been absolutely fantastic from the moment we started with her 6 weeks ago. 


Henley went from waking 10 plus times a night to sleeping through within 5 weeks. 


At the start, we weren’t even able to put Henley in his cot without him becoming hysterical, and now he can settle himself to sleep. 


The difference it has made to our home life has been amazing - we were constantly exhausted and weren’t able to function properly during the day. 


Now we can really enjoy being a family 4. 


We’ve learned valuable lessons for life, and knowing we could speak to Lucy and have her support throughout, really gave us the confidence to keep going.”

Personalised Guidance and Support

Ask your questions as you progress through the program to ensure you say on track and take the best steps for your little one's sleep.

Craig & Louise

Charlotte Aged 3 Years

No More Bedtime Meltdowns

“We approached Lucy a few months back feeling like we had exhausted every other avenue with regards to our 3-year-old, Charlotte, who was never much of a napper as a baby and became a nightly battle of wills just to get a couple of hours of sleep a night. 


Within a few weeks of following Lucy's plan, we had some amazing results, which continue to get better every week. 


Having someone there to share any issues we had and to guide us back on the plan was invaluable. It is also such a blessing to now have stress-free evenings and a decent night’s sleep ourselves."

Lifetime Access

No rush, no limit! You can revisit the program anytime you need a reminder on something or if you hit a developmental leap and need a steer back on track.

Katie and Clint

Chloe aged 18 months

“We contacted Lucy out of desperation following 18 months of bedtime battles and zero sleep - both I and my partner were absolutely exhausted.


With Lucy’s help and support, we went  from fighting bedtime for over 2 hours every night (followed by waking every 40 mins through the night) to self-settling at the start of bedtime and a few nighttime wakes.


I cannot thank Lucy enough for her help, support, patience, and encouragement. 


She is always on hand to respond to any queries/questions no matter how small and will always offer reassurance, especially on tough days.


Thank you, Lucy...you have no idea how much you have helped us and Chloe xx”

What You'll Get:

All Dream Maker packages offer LIFETIME access to the program!

The Dream Maker

 'Simple Sleep' Solution

Online program with Group Support

Instant Access To The Complete Dream Maker Program

Monthly Group Q&A Call

Access to the DreamMaker Parents Community



The Dream Maker

'Sleep Tight' Solution

Instant Access To The Complete Dream Maker Program

1-on-1 Call with Lucy Shrimpton and your dedicated sleep coach. 


Note: All calls are recorded. If for some reason, your sleep coach isn’t able to be on the 1-on-1 call, we’ll share the recording with her.


30 days UNLIMITED email support to answer all your questions.

TWO 1-on-1 Calls with your dedicated sleep coach.

Monthly Group Q&A Call

Access to the DreamMaker Parents Community






The Dream Maker 'Sweet Sleep' Solution

Instant Access To The Complete Dream Maker Program

1-on-1 Call with Lucy Shrimpton and your dedicated sleep coach. 


Note: All calls are recorded. If for some reason, your sleep coach isn’t able to be on the 1-on-1 call, we’ll share the recording with her.


30 days UNLIMITED email support to answer all your questions.

TWO 1-on-1 Calls with your dedicated sleep coach.

Monthly Group Q&A Call

Access to the DreamMaker Parents Community


  • TWO 30-minute Baby Sleep S.O.S Calls with Lucy Shrimpton


  • ADDITIONAL 30 days UNLIMITED Support to get on-the-go answers and sleep solutions.





(OR SAVE £141 AND PAY £1500 IN FULL)

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