Appendix 1 - Sleep Nanny Academy Training

Updated 14 April, 2020

Sleep Nanny Academy Course Appendix



1. Background


Sleep Nanny Academy provides training in behavioural sleep insomnias relevant to 0-6 year olds. Behavioural sleep insomnia is the term given to any sleep related challenges that are non-medical and can be resolved with a ‘behavioural intervention’


Enrolment is by application for a clarity call.


On the Clarity call we decide if it is a good fit and at what training level.


See Key Details Here:


2. Enrolling in the Sleep Nanny Academy


2.1.  The “Sleep Nanny Academy'' course is set out in the Key Details and/or your Order Confirmation. The course involves training relating to infant sleep, access to the program portal online, and may (depending on the particular course you sign up for) include video conference classes and mentoring. 


2.2.  For all Sleep Nanny Academy courses we will schedule a telephone meeting with you, and if you are successful in proceeding to the next stage to undertake the course you will be sent a link to enrol. Once enrolled you will get access to the Sleep Nanny Academy online portal with login credentials we will send to you.


2.3.  The price and payment terms for the Sleep Nanny Academy course will be as agreed with you and as set out in the Order Confirmation. 


2.4.  In order to undertake the Sleep Nanny Academy course you need a computer or device with a camera and microphone, internet access and website browser, and a Facebook account.




3.  Due to the digital nature of some of the Sleep Nanny Academy course, if you wish to download any content or begin accessing online material or digital content through the Sleep Nanny Academy online portal within the 14 day cancellation period set out in clause 7 of the Terms of Purchase, you will lose your right to cancel the Contract. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Course Manual:


4.  If applicable to the course you have purchased, delivery of the course manual that accompanies the Sleep Nanny Academy course will be posted to you at least 7 days prior to the start of the course or the next working day after enrolment if you are to begin the course immediately. We do not usually send the manual far in advance to ensure that it is the most up to date when the course commences, but if you require it earlier than that please let us know. Delivery of all other elements of the Sleep Nanny Academy course will be via a personal link emailed to you within 3 days. Occasionally our delivery to you may be affected by an Event Outside Our Control. See clause 11 of the Terms of Purchase for our responsibilities when this happens.


5. Intellectual Property


​5.1.  We are the licensee of the registered trade mark “The Sleep Nanny” (UK trade mark number 3070037). Certain levels of the Sleep Nanny Academy are entitled to use that trade mark in certain circumstances set out below. Such rights are not available to everyone and you should refer to the Order Confirmation document as to whether this is applicable to you. It if is not detailed in the Order Confirmation then you do not have the rights set out below. If the Order Confirmation does specify that you have use of ‘certification logo’ it is on the basis of the terms below.  On completion of the Sleep Nanny Academy ‘Certification’ level course you (and only you being the person who has completed the course) shall be granted a non-exclusive licence to use the Sleep Nanny Certified Consultant trade mark/logo as shown at (“Certification Logo”) in the United Kingdom, (or such other geographical area as we may agree in writing with you based on your location) on and in relation to the advertising and promotion of services relating to assisting customers with helping their child/children sleep better, (“Sleep Nanny Services”), subject to these Terms. Any goodwill derived from your use of the Certification Logo shall accrue to us. If you purchase the “Standard” or “Professional” level Graduate Subscription from us we will also grant you a non-exclusive licence to use “Sleep Nanny” branded promotional materials as further detailed in that subscription and


5.2.  Your licence to use the Certification Logo is subject to the following conditions:


5.2.1.  you shall comply with all specifications, standards and directions relating to the Sleep Nanny services as we notify you in writing from time to time and allow us access to your promotional materials, or other places where the Certification Logo is used, for the purpose of verifying that these terms are being respected;


5.2.2.  you shall ensure that the Sleep Nanny Services you provide comply with all applicable laws, regulations, industry standards and codes of practice; and


5.2.3.  you shall not do or fail to do any act or thing whereby the validity, enforceability, or our ownership of the trade mark registrations for the Certification Logo, or the reputation or goodwill associated with the Certification Logo anywhere in the United Kingdom, is likely to be prejudiced.


5.3.  We may terminate this licence by notice with immediate effect if:


5.3.1.  You commit any breach of this licence which is material and not capable of remedy, or which is capable of remedy but which is not remedied within 14 days of notice from us to do so;


5.3.2.  You do anything, or omit to be done, or permit to be done, any act that may weaken, damage or be detrimental to the Certification Logo, (or any of our other trade marks or logos associated with the Products or Services), or the reputation or goodwill associated with that Certification Logo or our business, or that may invalidate or jeopardise any registration of the Certification Logo or our other trade marks associated with the Products or Services, or anything else we deem an inappropriate use of our Trade Mark or brand.


5.3.3.  You cease, or threaten to suspend or cease, carrying on all or a substantial part of your business related to the Sleep Nanny Services, become unable to pay your debts within the meaning of section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986, a petition is filed, a notice is given, a resolution is passed, or an order is made, for or in connection with you or your business’ winding up, an administrator or receiver is appointed, or similar or equivalent steps relating to your bankruptcy or insolvency, or there is a change of control or ownership of your business (within the meaning of section 1124 of the Corporation Tax Act 2010 if you are a body corporate).



​5.4  You shall indemnify us against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs (calculated on a full indemnity basis) and all other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by us arising out of or in connection with your exercise of your rights granted under this agreement relating to the Certification Logo.


6. Guarantees


6.1.  We give no guarantee that by attending and/or completing the Sleep Nanny Academy course that you will experience success in any business or activity that you may carry on following the course. We make no guarantees about any financial gain resulting from taking the course, nor the clients you may be able to win as a result of undertaking the Sleep Nanny Academy, nor do we provide business or clients to you.


6.2.  All Sleep Nanny Academy course contents have been carefully researched by us and are believed to be the most up-to-date and factually accurate information available at the time of the course.


6.3  The Sleep Nanny is not liable for additional costs due to changes in sessions with clients, content, venues or consultants. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable notice where possible. 

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